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Trusted, high-quality insights are essential for making effective investment decisions in the crypto space. Browse these regularly updated set of publications, produced by Sygnum Asset Management’s team of in-house researchers and analysts, to future-proof your investments

Learn more from the Sygnum digital nugget about the Bitcoin halving

Digital Nugget: Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin has a lot of positive fundamental drivers currently. The upcoming Bitcoin halving is considered to be one of these. In this note, we explore the impact the halving is likely to have on...
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House View Website - Sygnum February 2024

Sygnum House View – The results of “Build in a bear market” take shape

The crypto market experienced an uptick in volatility after the launch of the Bitcoin spot ETFs, initially rallying 10-15% then falling 20% as the “sell-the-news” narrative won out. We are also...
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Q1 2024 Crypto market sector snapshot

This is our Q1 2024 crypto market sector snapshot, a report from our Sygnum investment research.  Over the past few months, the crypto market experienced substantial growth, catalysed by rumours and...
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Sygnum Digital Nugget - portfolio distribution in 2024

Digital Nugget: Diversification after the failure of the 60/40 portfolio

The balanced portfolio, consisting of 60 percent equities and 40 percent bonds, has been the mainstay of investors for decades, providing exposure to higher returns from equities and protecting the...
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The strong recovery in the crypto market is beginning to impact the VC space

Crypto VC comeback: Signs of recovery emerge after two-year downturn

After two years of decline, there are early signs of recovery in the crypto VC market, as highlighted in this excerpt of Sygnum’s Crypto Market Outlook 2024. Get the report for more insights into...
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Regulation is hepling the stablecoin market grow again

Stablecoin market bounces back after challenges

After a year and a half of challenges, the stablecoin market is poised for growth once more. Get Sygnum’s Crypto Market Outlook 2024 for more insights into key sectors and trends for the year...
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Institutional dominance is a sign of the early stage of the bull cycle.

4 key signs we are in the early bull market phase

Uncover insights into the bull market with this snippet of Sygnum’s Crypto Market Outlook 2024, which highlights four key indicators signaling that we are still in the early phases. 1....
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Crypto market outlook 2024

In the 2024 Sygnum Crypto Market Outlook Report 2024 from our Sygnum investment research team, we analyse good reasons for optimism in the year ahead, with a look at key sectors and trends, and the...
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House view jan 24

Sygnum House View – Navigating the volatility post-Bitcoin ETF approvals

The crypto market started the month with one of the best weekly performances ever on the back of the building bullish sentiment and continued newsflow on the impending ETF approvals and then traded...
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Ordinals nugget header

Digital Nugget: Ordinals, inscriptions and NFTs

“Bitcoin NFTs” called Ordinals have gained tremendous popularity since the beginning of 2023. The “inscriptions” methodology used in their creation has since spread to other networks. We...
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Layer2 sector primer

Sector primer: Layer 2 protocols

This article is part of our sector indices primers. Find out more about this series here and get the full report here. Definition Layer 2 protocols bring significantly increased scalability to Layer...
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Risk appetite, motives and future plans: A look inside investors' minds

Risk appetite, motives and future plans: A look inside investors’ minds

Step into the minds of investors with this excerpt of Sygnum’s institutional investor crypto survey report, Future Finance 23, as we unravel their risk appetite, investment motivations and future...
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Our research indicates

How investors strategically shape their crypto portfolios

Sygnum’s institutional investor crypto survey report, Future Finance 23, confirms a strong preference for well-established crypto assets which are perceived as less volatile. In this excerpt of the...
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Sygnum Future Finance 2023 – Institutional crypto market report

Future Finance 2023 – Institutional crypto market report

Charting the gateway to Future Finance Sygnum’s Future Finance 2023 report is dedicated to measuring and analysing the core interests, market sentiment and behaviour of institutional and...
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How to value decentralised applications

Evaluating decentralised applications: Unique characteristics and challenges

Step into the world of decentralised applications with us in this snippet from Sygnum’s investment research report Valuing crypto assets. We delve into the unique characteristics and challenges of...
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House View Website (5)

Sygnum House View – A crypto market upturn and the catalysts fueling this rally

The crypto market moved up in a straight line throughout November, following the rally that started the previous month. Encouragingly, the rest of the market outperformed Bitcoin, indicating that the...
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Layer1 sector primer

Sector primer: Layer 1 protocols

This article is part of our sector indices primers. Find out more about this series here and get the full report here. Definition The original blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are...
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How to value NFTs: Understanding the influential factors

How to value NFTs: Understanding the influential factors

Rarity, popularity, usefulness and appeal play a pivotal role in assessing the value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this excerpt of Sygnum’s research investment report, we uncover the nuances of...
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