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Access the universe of crypto assets with secure, convenient digital asset banking services that you can trust.


Professional 24/7 trading on the crypto markets with Sygnum’s secure infrastructure, deep liquidity and expertise.

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Put your digital assets to work and generate yield with a convenient service integrated into our institutional-grade custody.

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Securely store a wide range of digital assets and maintain instant access with our bank-grade integrated multi-custody solution.

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Access cost-efficient credit solutions using crypto assets or mining hashrate as collateral.

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Payments are easy with Sygnum

Connect your crypto assets to your fiat currency payment needs with a Sygnum credit card.

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More ways to pay - seamless and convenient payments and credit anywhere and anytime, connected with your crypto asset banking.

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Can digital assets be deposited to and withdrawn from a Sygnum wallet?

Yes, Sygnum accepts deposits and withdrawals for all crypto assets for which it offers custody services.  

You can withdraw or make payments with digital assets by withdrawing funds from your Sygnum e-banking platform and sending it to external wallets that you own. Please note that when funds are sent to a wallet that you own for the first time, transactions need to be verified by Sygnum’s proprietary digital asset screening tool.  Please contact us if you have further questions. 

Please click here for an overview of the digital assets we offer for custody, staking, trading and lending. Further tokens are available on request.

Can every Sygnum client invest in asset tokens? Does the issuer have any control over who can invest?

Generally, investments in all asset tokens on our platform are available to all Sygnum clients. However, tailored permission solutions that let issuers manage investor participation can be set up.

Are my staked Ether secure? 

The private keys to your staked (and unstaked) Ether are secured in Sygnum’s institutional-grade multi-custody solution. 

Which payment methods does Sygnum support? 

Sygnum supports all common payment standards including SIC (Swiss Interbank Clearing), euroSIC, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). 

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Sygnum tokenizes Matter Labs’ treasury reserves in USD 6.9bn Fidelity MMF

Sygnum, a global digital asset banking group, is tokenizing USD 50m of Matter Labs’ treasury reserves onto the zkSync blockchain. The Sygnum-issued security tokens act as on-chain representations…
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PKB Private Bank partners with Sygnum Bank to launch a regulated digital asset offering

Lugano and Zurich, 12 March, 2024: PKB is pleased to announce its partnership with Sygnum Bank, a global digital asset banking group, to offer its customers access to a regulated digital asset…
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Sygnum Bank, Hamilton Lane and Apex Group Expand Access to Private Markets via DLT-Registered Shares in USD 3.8bn Fund

Zurich, 29 February, 2024 – Sygnum, a global digital asset banking group; Hamilton Lane (Nasdaq: HLNE), a leading global private markets investment management firm; and financial services firm…
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Industry voices

Sygnum is supported by a broad and diverse range of industry-leading advisors, forward thinking clients and partners, and major crypto foundations who are actively shaping Future Finance.

Peter Wuffli

Dr. Peter Wuffli

Sygnum Director and former Group CEO UBS

“Distributed ledger technology crystallizes a series of technological developments in recent years that together could help the financial services industry achieve new levels of speed, quality and efficiency.”

Stefan Linder

Stefan Linder

Sygnum industry advisor and Co-Founder Swiss Economic Forum

“Sygnum has the potential to usher in a new age in banking with blockchain technology and to redefine trade of traditional and digital assets.”

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