Access a wide range of digital assets instantly, anywhere in the world with Sygnum’s institutional-grade custody solution for digital assets.

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Your digital assets are securely stored in Sygnum’s institutional-grade multi-custody platform and are held off-balance sheet. This means your assets are fully ring-fenced from Sygnum’s to mitigate intermediary risk and provide protection, even in the extreme case of an insolvency.



Access your digital assets instantly, anywhere in the world, to stake, trade and invest with seamless crypto and fiat currency integration.


Institutional-grade custody

We are a Swiss-regulated bank, which means that we follow the highest regulatory, certification, compliance and tech standards to protect your digital assets. Digital asset transactions conducted with Sygnum are always screened by our proprietary Crypto-AML tool to ensure AML/KYC compliance.

Institutional-grade custody

Certifications and compliance

Our multi-custody platform for your digital assets is certified and audited in accordance with ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 industry standards, protected by FIPS-140.2 Level 3 hardware security modules (HSMs), MPC technology and high-security data centres in Switzerland.

ISAE 3000

The ISAE 3000 report ensures the initial key is generated in a compliant, safe environment to mitigate relevant risks.

ISAE 3402

The ISAE 3402 report ensures the transaction signing environment is safe and includes a control framework and processes to handle client assets securely and mitigate of relevant risks.

FIPS-140.2 level 3 HSMs

FIPS 140-2 is a US government standard for cryptographic module and solution security. Level 3 hardware ensures physical tamper-resistance and identity-based authentication, and a physical or logical separation between interfaces for critical security parameters (CSPs) that enter and leave the module.

High security Swiss data centres

To store sensitive key material, we use Swiss data centres that meet industry leading standards for critical infrastructure (such as Tier IV by the Uptime Institute) for fault tolerance, security and redundancy.

MPC technology

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is a type of cryptographic technology that removes the single point of failure possible with a private key. By allowing multiple parties to securely sign transactions without any one party being able to see the inputs of the others, MPC adds an additional layer of security.


What digital assets does Sygnum custodise?

Sygnum offers custody for a large and continually expanding selection of tokens. Please click here to see our current custody token list (with a link to their market prices).

Please click here for an overview of the digital assets we offer for custody, staking, trading and lending. Further tokens are available on request.

Digital assets need to pass Sygnum’s proprietary digital asset risk assessment funnel in order to be eligible for the Sygnum banking platform. Sygnum also offers custody for a Digital CHF token and is developing custody services for asset-backed tokens.

What fees does Sygnum charge for custody services? 

For Sygnum’s multi-level secure custody, clients are charged in basis points (bps) per annum depending on the volume of their digital assets held at Sygnum. For questions and prices, please see our private and corporate price list.

Are my staked Ether secure? 

The private keys to your staked (and unstaked) Ether are secured in Sygnum’s institutional-grade multi-custody solution. 

Can digital assets be deposited to and withdrawn from a Sygnum wallet?

Yes, Sygnum accepts deposits and withdrawals for all crypto assets for which it offers custody services.  

You can withdraw or make payments with digital assets by withdrawing funds from your Sygnum e-banking platform and sending it to external wallets that you own. Please note that when funds are sent to a wallet that you own for the first time, transactions need to be verified by Sygnum’s proprietary digital asset screening tool.  Please contact us if you have further questions. 

Please click here for an overview of the digital assets we offer for custody, staking, trading and lending. Further tokens are available on request.

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