Staking puts your crypto assets to work, generating an environmentally friendly yield from selected crypto assets.

At Sygnum, your staked assets are protected, stored and fully integrated into our institutional-grade custody platform.

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What is staking

Crypto assets that support Proof-of-Stake are considered more environmentally friendly because they are much less energy intensive due to their consensus mechanism. Staking is possible with blockchains that utilise a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, like Ethereum or Tezos. For blockchains that use a consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Work (PoW), staking is not possible.

Attractive yields

Earn a yield of typically between 4 and 10 percent per annum by staking your crypto assets. Higher rewards are available for longer staking commitment periods for some assets.

Attractive yields

Convenient and integrated

With a growing selection of assets available for staking, Sygnum makes it easy to manage your staked assets with a convenient client experience.

Convenient and integrated

Institutional grade

Your staked crypto assets are protected in a Swiss-regulated bank by Sygnum’s institutional-grade custody platform.

Institutional grade


Are my staked Ether secure? 

The private keys to your staked (and unstaked) Ether are secured in Sygnum’s institutional-grade multi-custody solution. 

Can I trade my staked Ether?

You cannot trade your Ether once they are staked. Please note that staked Ether cannot be unstaked until the Ethereum upgrade that enables withdrawals of staked Ether is live.

How are the rewards generated? 

Staking rewards on Ethereum are generated from the Ethereum protocol itself. The Ethereum protocol incentivises users to stake and run validators by rewarding them with newly created (minted) Ether tokens. When Ether is staked, the protocol rewards users in proportion to the amount of Ether they have staked. 

How can I stake my Ether in my Sygnum wallet?

On the landing page in the Sygnum e-banking portal, choose the staking tab in the digital assets section and Click on Ethereum 2.0 . If you have multiple client profiles linked to your e-banking user, please select one. You are then taken to an overview screen that displays your trading wallets. You can then choose a trading wallet that contains at least 32 Ether to start stalking. 

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Velina Peneva

Velina Peneva

Sygnum client

“Sygnum has shown that they deliver on their promises and are on their way to achieving their vision of transforming finance and building the digital asset economy.”

Yannick Hausmann

Yannick Hausmann

Sygnum client

“Sygnum is a regulated bank with the enterpreneurial spirit, innovation and energy of a start-up. This is what’s needed to reshape the banking experience and build the bridge to the world of digital assets.”

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