Regulatory disclosures

Annual report for regulatory disclosure

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AIFMD Art. 23 disclosure statement

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Complaints and feedback

Your satisfaction as a client or potential client is important to us, although we may not always be able to meet all expectations.

Please contact us so we may address your feedback using one of the following options:
-Client feedback and complaints are best addressed directly to your Client Service Manager or Sygnum contact person.
-Client Services on the Sygnum contact form or our Sygnum Legal and Compliance team via [email protected].
-Via our Sygnum contact form here.
-In a letter of complaint addressed to Sygnum with one of the addresses listed here.

Please include the following when you contact us:
-Your contact details
-Your relationship to Sygnum (client, lawyer, company representative)
-Relevant information related to your complaint

Further information on our complaints handling framework is available upon written request and free of charge from [email protected].

If no mutually agreeable solution can be found in contacting us at Sygnum, you can contact the Swiss Banking Ombudsman, a free and impartial information and mediation service provider:
Swiss Banking Ombudsman
Bahnhofplatz 9, PO Box
8021 Zurich, Switzerland

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Local restrictions – Provision of cross-border services

Sygnum is a regulated bank supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA, Laupenstrasse 27, CH-3003 Bern). The products and services on this website are authorised for sale in Switzerland. Sygnum cannot promote its products and services in other countries where it is not authorised by the supervisory authority of that country to do so. Without prejudice to provision of services on the basis of reverse solicitation, Sygnum provides investment services in accordance with EU third-country regimes (where applicable). Sygnum is allowed to provide services only to per se professional clients and eligible  counterparties as defined under MiFID II.

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