Sygnum is managed by an experienced team backed by a strong Board, distinguished Advisory Council and trusted Partners with global experience in the financial and technology sectors. We aim to set new standards in the Token economy.
"I was very impressed by Sygnum’s focus on how Distributed Ledger Technology will impact the banking industry, and also by their entrepreneurial spirit."
Philipp Hildebrand
Advisor, Vice Chairman, BlackRock
"I joined Sygnum because I believe in the breakthrough potential of DLT in financial services, and because of Sygnum's convincing set up in terms of its team, partners and intellectual and financial resources."
Peter Wuffli
Advisor, Founder and Chairman, elea Foundation
"I joined because I am pleased to support an innovative and enthusiastic team with my longtime experience in the financial services industry. With Sygnum we are at the forefront of a new technology that is as promising as it is challenging."
Thomas Buess
Director, Group CFO, Swiss Life
"I believe that Sygnum can leverage the technological trend and deliver value to clients, but more importantly I believe in the founders' fundamental desire to do good."
CHUA Kim Leng
Director, Former Member of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Executive Committee

Core Team

Our core team is responsible for the day-to-day management of Sygnum. It implements our strategic and operational plans and drives dialogues with Sygnum's stakeholders.

Our diverse team combines significant strategic, financial and operational experience with deep expertise in decentralized ledger technologies.
Manuel Krieger
Founding Partner & CEO Switzerland
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Mathias Imbach
Founding Partner & CEO Singapore
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Gerald Goh
Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer
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Stefan Mueller
Chief Operating Officer
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Stephan Welti
General Counsel
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Fabian Dori
Chief Information Officer
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Guido Hüppin
Chief Financial Officer
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Armin Müller
Chief Risk Officer
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Roland Schwinn
Managing Director Business Development
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Lukas Hug
Project Manager Technology Solutions
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Martin Jost
Senior Vice President Technology Solutions
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Roger Kelly
Chief of Staff
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Claire Ong
Project Consultant
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Ilanit Oshri
Senior Vice President Customer Success
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Yongchuan Pan
Vice President Tokenization
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Georgine Roesle
Head Corporate Development
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Dorsa Sanagdol
Project Manager
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Marie Sieghold
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Beat Wuffli
Head Tokenization
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Miguel Valdivia
Solution Architect Technology Solutions
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Grzegorz Wierzowiecki
Software Engineer
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Marcin Górnik
Technology Consultant
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Thomas Brusa
Technical Advisor
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Karen Seah
Founding Partner
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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction of the company and for creating sustainable value within a framework of prudent and effective controls.

Our Board Members' professional experience encompasses all of Sygnum’s strategically relevant fields of expertise: Blockchain technology, banking/ financial services, entrepreneurship, leadership, legal & compliance, marketing and human resources.
Luka Müller
Founding Partner & Chairman
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CHUA Kim Leng
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Johannes Höhener
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Gabriela Maria Payer
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Thomas Buess
Director, Head Audit and Risk Committee
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Mathias Imbach
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Manuel Krieger
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Advisory Council

Our distinguished and diverse Advisory Council have shaped their respective industries globally, act as a sounding board and mentors to the team, and are also aligned as investors.
ANG Kong Hua
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Bill Barhydt
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Philipp Hildebrand
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David Lee
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Stefan Linder
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Alexander Lipton
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Loi Luu
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Patrick McGoldrick
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TEH Kok Peng
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Peter Wuffli
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Sygnum's product offering is developed in close alignment with its trusted, strategic partners. We share a common vision of how distributed ledger technology will impact the financial services industry.
Swisscom | Custodigit
Joint Venture
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Singtel Innov8
Corporate VC Investor
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Strategic Partnership
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