Tokenization lets issuers create unique investment opportunities for investors. Sygnum helps build this across the entire value chain with expert legal, regulatory, corporate finance and DLT advice.

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Fractional investing

When issuers offer investments as tokens listed on-chain with ownership in the underlying assets, fractional ownership in an asset becomes efficient and easy.

Bespoke research

Legal and regulatory clarity

Issuers and investors have peace of mind with legal clarity over issuance and ownership. Sygnum navigates the legal and regulatory requirements for you, with Swiss DLT law or abroad.

Megatrend participation

Access to unique investments

Tokenization with fractional ownership and lower ticket sizes makes investing in illiquid or hard-to-access assets possible for a wider range of investors.

Asset management

Diversified portfolio

Fractional ownership makes it easier to add tokenized assets to diversify a portfolio and to integrate all assets into a holistic portfolio view.

Desygnate is Sygnum’s primary market issuance platform. It simplifies the legal and financial structuring activities for the underlying asset, the token minting, as well as the subscription and issuance process.

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SygnEx is Sygnum’s secondary market trading facility for tokenized assets. Both issuers and investors benefit from increased liquidity and a standardised early exit opportunity for acquired assets.

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Private markets

Diversify your portfolio by investing in seasoned investment opportunities in private debt and equity.

Traditional securities

Diversify your investment and treasury strategies with allocations in tokenized traditional securities.

Art & collectibles

Get access to blue-chip art and other collectibles with fractional ownership.

Tokenization projects    

Float Logo

Float Private Debt Asset Token (FLOAT1)

Issuer: Compartment Float Mezz 2023-1 

Private debt token | Private Markets

Float launched a private debt asset token providing an investment opportunity, alongside Fasanara, giving exposure to a diversified portfolio of private SME loans to European SaaS and technology businesses. Learn more here.

Date: Oct 2023 

Hamilton Lane

Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund | DLT share classes (RDLT and IDLT)

Issuer: Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund
DLT shares | Private Markets 
Sygnum, Hamilton Lane and Apex Group created DLT share classes in Hamilton Lane’s Global Private Assets expanding access to private markets via new DLT-registered shares. Learn more here
Date: Feb 2024 

Tokenisation by Sygnum

Pablo Picasso Fillette au béret (PIC1)

Issuer: Spectrum Utilis | Administrator: Artemundi

Ownership token | Art & Collectibles

Artemundi tokenized the first ever Art Security Tokens, representing ownership rights to Picasso’s Fillette au béret painting. Learn more here.

Date: Aug 2021

CryptoPunk 6808 (CP6808)

CryptoPunk 6808 (CP6808)

Issuer: Sygnum Bank

Ownership token | Art & Collectibles 

Sygnum Bank tokenized the blue-chip NFT CryptoPunk #6808, one of 10,000 NFTs created by Larva Labs inspired by the 1970s London Punk scene. Learn more here.

Date: Dec 2021

Chãteau Latour 2012 (LA12)

Château Latour 2012 (LA12)

Issuer: Fine Wine Capital

Ownership token | Art & Collectibles

Fine Wine Capital tokenized this vintage of premium investible wines, creating the first asset tokens issued under the new Swiss DLT law. Learn more here.

Date: Feb 2021

Azimut Digital Financing | A shares (AZ1A)

Azimut Digital Financing | A and B shares (AZ1A and AZ1B)

Issuer: Azimut

Share tokenization | Private Markets

Mid-cap SME loan portfolio from Azimut, a leading independent asset manager in Europe. Learn more here.

Date: May 2021

Victory Works Token 1 (VWT1)

Victory Works Token 1 (VWT1)

Issuer: Victory Works

Ownership token | Art & Collectibles

From the Victory Works collection, these football world championship sculptures are by renowned Swiss artist David Pflugi. 20 percent of Victory Works’ proceeds are donated to charities for children in developing countries. Learn more here.

Date: Apr 2022

Tokenization partners

Victor Jung

Managing Director, Head of Digital Assets at Hamilton Lane

“At Hamilton Lane, we are committed to expanding access to private markets for a broader set of investors through digital assets, and to bringing greater usability and transparency through the use of technologies like the blockchain. Working with an innovative partner like Sygnum has enabled us to deliver a new DLT share class in our Global Private Assets fund, a project which represents a significant milestone in the industry.”

Cedric Notz

Cedric Notz

CEO and Co-Founder of Float

“The issuance of the Float token – the first private debt asset token – required the close collaboration of experts in B2B lending, securitisation and tokenization, such as Sygnum, to make it a reality. It is this kind of interdisciplinary, innovative partnership that will transform the face of traditional finance in the future.” 

Javier Lumbreras

Javier Lumbreras

Co-owner and CEO of Artemundi

“In my 37 years of collecting art, I never imagined this could happen. Artistic, cultural objects of universal appeal, once reserved for an elite group of collectors or the museums, can now be safely and directly owned without the burden of high entry barriers. This includes information, knowledge, connections, and capital. The art market is absurdly opaque and inefficient, and these traits will soon be relics of a bygone age as tokenization grows. Sygnum was the right partner for this big step in the history of art.”

Case study: Making a Picasso accesible and bankable

Artemundi, an art investment pioneer, and Sygnum partnered in 2021 to tokenize Picasso’s painting, Fillette au béret. This marked the first time the ownership rights for a Picasso, or any artwork, were broadcast onto a public blockchain by a regulated bank, enabling investors to purchase and trade a share of the artwork through Art Security Tokens (ASTs).

Tokenisation by Sygnum

Case study: Private markets access via DLT-registered shares

Sygnum Bank, Hamilton Lane and Apex Group expand access to private markets via DLT-registered shares in USD 3.8bn fund.

Learn more

Case study: Exposure to a diversified European loan portfolio

Sygnum, Float & Fasanara join forces to tokenize private debt markets.

Learn more

Future Finance

We call the emergence of a trusted, secure and efficient digital asset economy “Future Finance”. See an example below of how we are making this a reality, built on our three pillars of trust, technology, together.

Learn more
Fatmire Bekiri

Fatmire Bekiri

Head of Tokenization

“Sygnum is your partner of choice to securely issue, store, trade and manage tokenized assets.”


Where can asset tokens be bought?

Asset tokens can be bought through Sygnum’s tokenization platforms. Investors can either buy asset token through a subscription in the primary market via our issuance platform Desygnate or a buy order on our secondary trading marketplace SygnEx. Asset tokens can also be freely transferred to any investor on the Sygnum banking platform

How will my tokens be secured and held in custody?

Asset tokens are secured and held in custody the same way protocol tokens like Bitcoin are. Sygnum’s regulated multi-custody solution has been engineered to provide institutional-grade security, enabling our clients to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust.

Can every Sygnum client invest in asset tokens? Does the issuer have any control over who can invest?

Generally, investments in all asset tokens on our platform are available to all Sygnum clients. However, tailored permission solutions that let issuers manage investor participation can be set up.

What happens should Sygnum become insolvent? Who guarantees my deposits?

In the unlikely case of a Sygnum insolvency, Sygnum clients are protected by law and covered by the esisuisse bank deposit protection scheme, up to a maximum of CHF 100,000 per client. Asset tokens and all other crypto assets are held off balance sheet by Sygnum, and they are unaffected in the event of an insolvency. In this case, the tokens would be transferred to our clients’ external private wallets.  

How can asset tokens be traded?

Asset tokens can be traded on SygnEx, Sygnum’s regulated secondary market, which can be accessed via the Sygnum banking portal by clicking “Trading” under the Tokenized assets section. On SygnEx, orders can be placed in the order book, or existing orders in the order book can be accepted. Automatic matching is not possible for regulatory reasons. 

Can token holders transfer their security tokens to a private wallet?

Transferring your security tokens to an external private wallet is not possible. Currently, only wallets held in custody by Sygnum are whitelisted.

See full FAQs


Sygnum tokenizes Matter Labs’ treasury reserves in USD 6.9bn Fidelity MMF

Sygnum, a global digital asset banking group, is tokenizing USD 50m of Matter Labs’ treasury reserves onto the zkSync blockchain. The Sygnum-issued security tokens act as on-chain representations…
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PKB Private Bank partners with Sygnum Bank to launch a regulated digital asset offering

Lugano and Zurich, 12 March, 2024: PKB is pleased to announce its partnership with Sygnum Bank, a global digital asset banking group, to offer its customers access to a regulated digital asset…
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Sygnum Bank, Hamilton Lane and Apex Group Expand Access to Private Markets via DLT-Registered Shares in USD 3.8bn Fund

Zurich, 29 February, 2024 – Sygnum, a global digital asset banking group; Hamilton Lane (Nasdaq: HLNE), a leading global private markets investment management firm; and financial services firm…
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