Traditional securities

Conveniently select from 10,000+ traditional securities to integrate into your crypto holdings with the same trusted regulated provider.

With Sygnum, in addition institutional-grade exposure to the digital asset megatrend via our portfolio of regulated banking and investment services, you can also securely access 10,000+ traditional securities conveniently with the same trusted, regulated institution. Our offering ranges from the trade and custody of leading fixed income instruments to global equities and ETFs and ETPs. This enables you to consolidate your holdings and generate yield on idle liquidity –  conveniently accessed in one location via our user-friendly banking portal.


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Fixed income

Invest directly into Bonds or Money Market instruments to obtain a stable income in the form of interest payments. The offering is denominated in EUR, CHF, and USD.


Participate in a company’s growth and profit from their price increases or dividend earnings. The equity offering covers Switzerland, US, Canada, Europe and the UK.

ETFs and ETPs

Benefit from a wide selection of ETFs and ETPs to gain exposure to the broader market. Some key issuers include iShares (Blackrock), Amundi or Vanguard amount 10+ others.

Traditional securities

Learn more about Sygnum’s traditional security offering by downloading our factsheet.

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Spot trading

Sygnum gives you access to the broadest range of digital assets and fiat currencies with 24/7 streaming prices and deep liquidity via a secure platform from our web interface or API.


What are Sygnum’s trading and operating hours?

Our regulated e-banking portal offers 24/7 trading, i.e. trade orders can be placed, will be executed and can be cancelled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Executed trade orders are settled from Mon-Fri, 8:00-17:00 CET during our business hours (i.e. assets deposited and withdrawn). However, pending proceeds from unsettled trades can already be used for further trades immediately after a trade execution. 

Which cryptocurrencies does Sygnum support for trading?

Sygnum allows you to trade a growing range of more than 30 digital assets against USD, CHF, EUR and SGD. For an overview of the currencies availalbe for trading, please see our spot trading information and crypto asset market prices. Please contact our Trading desk or your Relationship Manager if you have questions about additional digital assets or fiat currencies.

Which fiat currencies can I trade against?

Sygnum allows you to trade more than 20 digital assets against USD, CHF, EUR and SGD. For a full overview of currencies see our spot trading information and crypto asset listings. Please contact our Trading desk or your Relationship Manager if you have questions about additional digital assets and fiat currencies.

How can I trade crypto assets with Sygnum?

You need to become a Sygnum client in order to trade. Once you are onboarded, you can trade by either logging into the Sygnum e-banking portal for your account, using an API, or by contacting your Relationship Manager or our Trading Desk directly to place your order. You can apply to become a client here.

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