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Trusted, high-quality insights are essential for making effective investment decisions in the crypto space. Browse these regularly updated set of publications, produced by Sygnum Asset Management’s team of in-house researchers and analysts, to future-proof your investments

Sygnum Future Finance 2023 – Institutional crypto market report

Future Finance 2023 – Institutional crypto market report

Charting the gateway to Future Finance Sygnum’s Future Finance 2023 report is dedicated to measuring and analysing the core interests, market sentiment and behaviour of institutional and...
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How to value decentralised applications

Evaluating decentralised applications: Unique characteristics and challenges

Step into the world of decentralised applications with us in this snippet from Sygnum’s investment research report Valuing crypto assets. We delve into the unique characteristics and challenges of...
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House View Website (5)

Sygnum House View – A crypto market upturn and the catalysts fueling this rally

The crypto market moved up in a straight line throughout November, following the rally that started the previous month. Encouragingly, the rest of the market outperformed Bitcoin, indicating that the...
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Layer1 sector primer

Sector primer: Layer 1 protocols

This article is part of our sector indices primers. Find out more about this series here and get the full report here. Definition The original blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are...
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How to value NFTs: Understanding the influential factors

How to value NFTs: Understanding the influential factors

Rarity, popularity, usefulness and appeal play a pivotal role in assessing the value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this excerpt of Sygnum’s research investment report, we uncover the nuances of...
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Sygnum Multisector index

Sygnum Multisector Index report

The Sygnum Multisector Index aims to assist investors in navigating this ever-changing landscape. The potential of Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT) will primarily be realised through an...
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Sygnum November House View

Sygnum House View – Crypto bullish turn amidst macroeconomic uncertainty

Two pieces of fake news about the Bitcoin spot ETFs’ approval ignited a rally mid-October. Even though the news items were retracted, they shifted the narrative on the likelihood of an impending...
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Digital Nugget: Real world collaboration in crypto scaled

Digital Nugget: Real-world collaborations in crypto

Decentralised applications often compete with their traditional counterparts, but sometimes the relationship is collaborative. While crypto use cases offer alternatives to traditional industries, in...
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Q3 2023 Crypto Market Sector Snapshot

Q3 2023 crypto market sector snapshot

This is our Q3 2023 crypto market sector snapshot, a report from our Sygnum investment research.  In the third quarter, user growth experienced significant changes within the crypto landscape....
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Sygnum House View – The crypto market awaits catalyst

The crypto market continued to lack a strong catalyst in September, with no decisive developments on either the Bitcoin cash ETF approvals or a long-awaited breakthrough in adoption for use cases. As...
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Digital Nugget: The upside in crypto yield

Digital Nugget: The upside for crypto yield

While the best case scenario for fixed income products is avoiding default, the best case scenario for crypto yields is driven by increased demand for decentralised finance services. This upside can...
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Sygnum September House View

Sygnum House View – Crypto’s hidden potential amidst market uncertainty

A directionless, low volatility crypto market was affected by a sudden flash crash mid-August. The selloff did not appear to have any particular trigger and was in part attributed to mostly...
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How secondary factors shape cryptocurrencies’ worth

How secondary factors shape cryptocurrencies’ worth

The more secure a smart contract platform is, the likelier it is to capture market share. This is a secondary driver of value for a protocol and its cryptocurrency that can have a significant, but...
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Digital Nugget: Is low volatility a buy signal?

Digital Nugget: Is low volatility a buy signal?

Extremes of low volatility in the crypto market have historically been followed by strong upside performance. Despite Bitcoin experiencing its largest daily move since mid-March last week, volatility...
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House View August

Sygnum House View – Crypto market awaits clarity amid regulatory developments

The crypto market rallied mid-July on the news of a favourable ruling in Ripple’s case vs the SEC. This was, however, followed by a largely technical correction driven by options expiries,...
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Digital nugget: The crypto megatrend

The crypto megatrend

The primary long-term investment case for crypto is based on blockchain being a disruptive foundational technology, much like the internet was. Decentralised blockchain protocols providing the...
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Crypto market outlook H2

Crypto Market H2 Outlook

Leading institutions move into crypto Starting in 2020, the crypto market witnessed a wave of institutional interest, and the expected institutional flows were a key driver of the 2021 bull market....
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We break down the methodology used to determine the value of cryptocurrencies.

Decoding cryptocurrency valuation: Uncovering Bitcoin’s true value through methodical analysis

Peer into the depths of Bitcoin’s valuation maze. In this article, we employ the methodology to assess its worth as a currency and store-of-value, uncovering the crucial factors that unveil the...
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