Sygnum’s team of digital asset experts offer a range of Asset Management investment products designed for the current development stage of the digital asset market.

Crypto sector index series

Sygnum has leveraged its crypto community involvement and regulated digital asset banking experience to launch the first institutional, rules-based crypto sector indices framework.

The Sygnum crypto sector indices tracks the performance of 21,000 individual crypto protocols, and uses a rules-based system to filter and allocate into 7 core and 38 emerging crypto sectors. They enable investors to conduct in-depth analyses into core and emerging sector use cases, compare relative market capitalisation and performance as well as identify, rank and track leading protocols.

Learn more about the crypto sector indices here.

Sygnum Digital Asset Multi-Manager Fund

Alpha-oriented digital asset fund-of-funds

  • Exposure to highest quality managers in each category
  • Risk managed through diversification and institutional-grade due diligence
  • Strategies span fundamental long and long/short, global macro, event driven, systematic momentum and trend following, discretionary trading and arbitrage
  • Managed by Sygnum Pte. Ltd., which holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Sygnum banking clients can subscribe to this fund through Sygnum’s e-Banking portal. For other investors, please contact Sygnum Asset Management by clicking the Contact Us button below.

Sygnum Platform Winners Index ETP (MOON)

Beta exposure to foundational blockchain protocols

  • Tracks index of leading native protocol tokens, dynamically weighted by real world adoption, tracking the network effect of the investor, user and developer communities
  • An entry point for investors new to digital assets, seeking diversified exposure
  • 100% physically backed, fully collateralised, with institutional grade custody
  • This ETP trades through any bank / broker with access to Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX)
  • Our ETP sponsor is 21Shares
  • For more information, please see our MOON ETP fact sheet

Sygnum Bank clients can trade this ETP through Sygnum’s e-Banking portal. For other qualified investors, please contact Sygnum Asset Management by clicking the Contact Us button below.

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Sygnum DeFi+ Core AMC

Beta exposure to most relevant decentralised finance (DeFi) applications

  • Gives professional and institutional clients access to the governance tokens of the most established DeFi platforms
  • Diversified portfolio that closely tracks the performance of the DeFi market segment
  • The constituents are weighted according to their prominence within the sector, as measured by metrics such as their market capitalisation, traded volume, ecosystem growth, and the maturity of the smart contract code
  • Established "Actively Managed Certificate" (AMC) structure (daily liquidity, fully collateralised)

Sygnum Bank clients can trade this AMC through Sygnum’s trading desk. For other qualified investors, please contact your bank or broker.


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