Our portfolio of regulated banking services makes the universe of digital assets bankable, convenient and trusted. Our clients use their deposited CHF, EUR, SGD and USD to securely buy, trade and hold an expanding range of digital assets integrated in one account. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP protocol tokens and a Digital CHF token for instant settlements, and soon a diverse range of asset tokens.


Trade your digital assets securely and seamlessly, 24/7

Our regulated trading desk provides an institutional-grade service; competitive live quotes and fast, efficient settlement across the largest digital assets. A range of derivative products offering diverse payoff profiles will be available very soon.


Create added value for both issuers and investors through tokenization of new and existing assets

Sygnum’s tokenization solution is built to bring issuers and investors together. For issuers, it offers new and efficient ways to raise capital through the issuance of tokenized securities. For investors, it provides access to a broader set of investable assets to further diversify investment portfolios.

B2B banking services

Add regulated digital asset banking service to your business

As an end-to-end outsourcing partner for existing financial institutions, we enable them to provide regulated digital asset products and services to their own clients through B2B banking and operational compliance services.

Asset management

Diversify your investment portfolio with digital assets

Sygnum provides a range of high-quality digital asset investment products that offer diversified, convenient, and secure exposure to the emerging digital asset mega-trend.

Accounts, custody & staking

Store your digital assets with institutional-grade trust

Sygnum’s infrastructure is built with a multi-layer security framework, enabling clients to invest in the digital asset economy conveniently and securely.


Increase your liquidity with digital asset lombard loans

Sygnum’s lombard loans are designed to increase fiat liquidity against digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on Sygnum’s banking platform.