Crypto compliance and RegTech

Banks and VASPs can expand their crypto offering by relying on Sygnum’s extensive knowledge and experience in crypto AML and RegTech.

Sygnum enables financial intermediaries to offer crypto services to their clients in a regulated, compliant and technology-efficient environment.

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Regtech and Compliance

Crypto compliance as a service

Get access to the best practices in crypto across the Swiss and global financial regulatory landscape. As a bank or VASP you can learn how to define internal compliance frameworks for your crypto asset offering, assess the quality of crypto assets through blockchain investigations and analyse the originating source of wealth for crypto assets.

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Crypto compliance and RegTech
Future Digital Asset Expertise

Digital asset expertise

Let us provide you the right technology and experience to power your legal, compliance and regulatory developments for digital assets.


Speed to market

Get moving at the speed of crypto – digital asset compliance is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the traditional finance sector. Sygnum allows you to expand your services quickly and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Smart Forensics For Transparency

Smart forensics for transparency

Blockchain forensics give compliance experts a new understanding about the sources of wealth and the quality of your clients’ digital assets.

Crypto AML tool

Sygnum’s crypto anti-money laundering tool (C-AML) covers incoming and outgoing crypto transactions for efficient regulatory compliance and fulfils the FATF crypto travel rule requirements with automated workflows.

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Sygnum web integration
Native To Digital Assets

Native to digital assets

This tool for crypto asset transaction monitoring was developed by Sygnum and is in use since 2019, integrating evolving industry initiatives and regulatory requirements.

Integrate Across Your Systems

Integrate across your systems

C-AML’s powerful API function integrates with your financial intermediary’s IT systems to process data from your custody solutions, CRM or core banking systems, and external sources for blockchain forensics.

Wallet Ownership

Proof of wallet ownership

Verify ownership of non-custodial wallets and fulfill Travel Rule compliance for hosted wallets.

Customisable Insights

Customisable insights

Implement a flexible workflow tool for the interaction between a client, first and second line-of-defence. It also lets you adjust the business logic, risk scoring and process automation.

Crypto compliance education

Equip your team with the KYC and AML know-how to provide the compliance, risk and legal services for digital assets and on-chain transactions.

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Sygnum education

Training programmes

Basic to expert levels, with modular structures to address the needs of specific stakeholders – whether they provide first-line defense in business development and sales support, or second-line defense as compliance, risk and legal experts.

Seminars for specialists

Deep-dive into specialised digital asset topics, defined to meet your team’s needs, your processes, systems and availability and the most relevant aspects of crypto regulation, compliance and blockchain forensics.

Crypto compliance education prepares you and your team for the opportunities of Future Finance


Hands-on workshops

Interactive workshops and sessions are designed to help you build knowledge about the most relevant topics in digital asset regulation, compliance and blockchain forensics.


Build your internal know-how

Learn about and apply the know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) best practices for digital assets and on-chain transactions.

Direct Access

You always have direct access to us

Get access to advanced expertise with Sygnum as your trusted partner for crypto compliance and RegTech to prepare your team for the opportunities in digital assets.

Magdalena Boskic

Magdalena Boskic

Head of RegTech and Crypto Compliance Services

Financial intermediaries benefit from Sygnum’s expertise in operational, compliant digital asset services. Sygnum is shaping best practices as a pioneer in regulated digital asset banking.

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What is Sygnum’s B2B (Bank-to-Bank) service offering?

Our B2B services feature modular “plug-n-play” functionality to Sygnum’s full suite of integrated banking services, including bank-grade custody, brokerage, tokenization, lending and asset management. This includes dedicated Bank-to-Bank integration via APIs, crypto compliance advisory and education services, automated tools and tailored financial products.   

What is the time to market for implementation for Sygnum B2B clients?

Our modular “plug-n-play” services allows banks and VASPs to enable digital assets for their clients in less than 60 days. However, the starting point of our B2B partners is not always the same; many banks want to expand their investment offering by adding cryptocurrencies, others prefer to start with tokenization and make non-bankable assets bankable e.g. for succession planning, art, real estate and lending opportunities.

Whatever the partner banks’ strategic goals, once onboarded with Sygnum they can leverage any part of Sygnum’s offering to provide new products and services to their clients. Our partners typically start by expand their client offering via one or all of Sygnum’s “plug-n-play” services, and then drive efficiency and operational skills via our automated processes, crypto compliance tools and open APIs.  Learn more about these services here.

What is the trusted digital asset ecosystem that Sygnum is shaping?  

We are convinced that no single start-up, incumbent financial institution, association or technology solution can unilaterally pave the way from mainstream awareness to mainstream adoption of DLT-powered financial services. We believe that shaping the development of a digital ecosystem with trusted partnerships, fuelled by relentless client focus, will accelerate industry and community growth and enable impact.   

Together with our network of partners, Sygnum aims to build a digital asset ecosystem and address the three key development opportunities for the financial sector:

1) Secure access and storage of digital assets

2) Safe and seamless issuance and efficient settlement of digital assets

3) A methodical and practical approach to integrate digital assets into today’s regulatory frameworks, in particular to address the compliance challenges such as those related to money laundering 

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