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Index facts

First value date 1 January 2020
Launch date 1 October 2022
Calculation frequency Daily
Rebalancing frequency Quarterly
Weighting method Market Cap
Classification method Discretionary
Calculation currency USD
Index publication venue Sygnum web

Portfolio breakdown

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      Sector summary

      Blockchain-based gaming gives greater control to users relative to traditional gaming platforms via full ownership of the in-game items. The transactions inside the game are governed by smart contracts and offer more economically advantageous models for gamers such as “play-to-earn” and interoperability between games.

      Index methodology

      Crypto project numbers, types and use cases have grown exponentially, making sector selection an increasingly complex and technical challenge for investors. Sygnum’s sector index series helps navigating the increasingly diverse crypto asset universe by classifying projects into crypto sectors with distinct value drivers.

      The Sygnum research indices track sectors and subsectors in the crypto market by tracking a broad universe of 21,000 protocols, and using a rules-based system to filter and allocate into 7 core and 38 emerging crypto sectors.

      The selection and weighting is based on circulating market capitalisation. The minimum cutoff for inclusion is 0.01 percent of the total crypto market capitalisation. The qualifying projects are assigned to sectors and subsectors by Sygnum Research.

      Sectors are eligible to be tracked if they have a minimum number of five constituents. The indices are rebalanced quarterly and calculated real time. Closing levels are fixed at midnight UTC. The indices are not designed to be investable.

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