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What products and services does Sygnum Asset Management offer?

Sygnum Asset Management offers a growing range of investments products which include:

Sygnum Digital Asset Multi-Manager Fund 

This alpha-oriented digital asset fund-of-funds provides exposure to best-in-class digital assets managers. Investors can invest into the fund via Sygnum or onboarded partner banks. Learn more here 

Sygnum Platform Winners Index (MOON) ETP  

Access beta exposure to foundational blockchain protocols by investing into this ETP via Sygnum or with your bank on the Swiss stock exchange (SIX). Click here to learn more.

Sygnum DeFi+ Core AMC 

Investors can get beta exposure to most relevant decentralised finance (DeFi) applications by investing in this AMC via Sygnum or your brokerage or bank by contacting the paying agent (ISP Securities, Zurich). Click here to learn more.

SBI-Sygnum-Azimut Digital Asset Opportunity (DAO) Fund 

This early-stage fund is investing in digital asset opportunities across Southeast Asia and Europe. Investors can invest in this fund directly via Sygnum. Click here to learn more.

Sygnum Yield Core Strategy AMC  

This yield generation product has demonstrated an attractive risk/return profile. Investors can invest in This yield generation product has demonstrated an attractive risk-return profile. Investors can invest in this AMC via Sygnum or by asking your brokerage or bank to contact the paying agent (ISP Securities, Zurich). Click here to learn more. 

Further innovative investment opportunities will be launched as part of Sygnum’s asset management product roadmap throughout 2022. These will provide investors with an expanding choice of bank-grade solutions and a broad spectrum of digital asset investment opportunities. 

What kind of research does the Sygnum Asset Management team conduct?

The Sygnum Asset Management team conducts a range of qualitative and quantitative research inhouse, utilising a broad set of data sources and leveraging the extensive team industry experience. Sygnum Asset Management provides its clients with regular updates, including a monthly “House View” market analysis and commentary, thought leadership articles and investment research reports.

To browse our publications, please click here.

Where is the Sygnum Asset Management team located?

Sygnum Asset Management team is located in the Sygnum European hub in Zurich, and the Asia-Pacific hub in Singapore. 

What is the Asset Management team’s industry experience?

Team members have decades of global, hands-on experience in asset management and the financial industry. Team members previously worked for Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, UBS and 1741 Asset Management, with several active in the digital assets space as early as 2015. 

Our interdisciplinary team offers a diverse and complementary skillset across portfolio management, research, quantitative solutions, operations and client servicing, coming from a broad range of backgrounds culturally, professionally and academically. 

How can I contact the team at Sygnum Asset Management?

For more information on our product offering, collaborations, and the team, please contact us here. 

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