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CUSTODIGIT AG, a joint-venture between Swisscom and Sygnum, develops an institutional investor-grade custody solution for secure access to and storage of digital assets targeting regulated financial institutions. Sygnum leverages CUSTODIGIT's custody solution for its services applying a proprietary AML Risk Framework that builds on existing regulatory concepts and is enhanced by distributed ledger technology-based information to ensure compliance with today’s regulations.

"The cooperation of Sygnum and CUSTODIGIT combines unique know-how in the fields of digital assets, banking, compliance and technology. This fosters the development of a digital assets custody platform for the regulated financial industry." – Peter Hofmann, interim CEO, CUSTODIGIT

"Central Banks created money might become less important in its actual function and could be partly replaced by highly liquid, digital assets." – Johannes Höhener, Director, Head of FinTech, Swisscom