Loi Luu

Portrait photo


"DLT enables a much more transparent and potentially more efficient financial system. It will benefit all parties involved including users, service providers and even regulators on multiple fronts, for example saving costs and time, early detecting and reducing frauds, and makes auditing and verification easier."

Loi Luu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kyber Network, an on-chain liquidity protocol allowing decentralized token swaps. Before Kyber, he developed Oyente, the first open-source security analyzer for Ethereum smart contracts. He also designed the first sharding protocol for public blockchain which inspired Zilliqa, where he now acts as Advisor. Loi Luu is also an Advisor to other blockchain startups including Kambria, Republic Protocol, Gifto and traceto.io. He continues to champion the decentralization and trustless properties of the Blockchain with Kyber Network, taking inspiration and developing value for the community. Loi Luu holds a PhD in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore where he did research on cryptocurrencies, smart contract security, and distributed consensus algorithms.