Sygnum Hero: Juan Martin Corallo

Sygnum Hero: Juan Martin Corallo

In our Sygnum Heroes series we introduce the Sygnumers behind the world’s first digital asset bank, who share in our mission to enable everyone, everywhere to own digital assets with complete trust.

Today we feature Juan Martin Corallo, Site Reliability Engineer. Juan is a Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in the tech industry. His past work spans from VR/AR, to backend development, and managing distributed cloud infrastructures for systems with thousands of concurrent users. Juan arrived in Switzerland in August 2020 and prior to joining Sygnum, he was a Site Reliability Engineer at a leading US streaming service.

Hello, Juan!

What do you do at Sygnum?

Site Reliability Engineers have to be the Swiss Army knives of software, and I think my role at Sygnum is no exception. Every day is really different, but they all have one theme in common, ensuring our production systems are up and serving happy customers. This includes building automation to manage and monitor our cloud, pipelines to deploy services, and last but not least, put out fires.

What is the most enjoyable and most challenging part of your job?

The most enjoyable and most challenging happen to be the same. Being the world’s first Digital Asset bank means that you need to pave the way and challenge what can be done.

Describe Future Finance in three words?

OpenSource, Accessible, Borderless

What do you do to relax or “get away?”

I like to go the sea, and in Switzerland the lakes serve this purpose.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?

Fondue please! 🧀

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