Sygnum API-powered multi-custody platform approach expands universe of investment opportunities

Sygnum API-powered multi-custody platform approach expands universe of investment opportunities

Sygnum API-powered multi-custody platform approach continuously expands universe of investment opportunities for institutional clients, including Banks.

From inception, Sygnum’s strategy has been to offer an institutional adoption-ready range of protocol tokens such as Bitcoin, the smart contract platform Ethereum and XRP, a digital asset built for payments, each of which offer clients compelling and unique investment opportunities.

To empower our partners with an increasingly broad range of institutional-grade custody features, integrated via Sygnum’s API management layer, we have performed detailed due diligence on, and aggregated the capabilities of, a number of leading custody technology providers into our digital assets banking platform.

Our main strategic custody partner is Custodigit, which leverages Metaco. This is a joint venture established in 2018 by Sygnum and Swisscom, Switzerland’s government controlled, leading banking infrastructure provider. Sygnum also works with Swiss HSM (Hardware Security Module) provider Securosys to custodise its Digital Swiss Franc (DCHF) and asset tokens. We have recently added the Taurus Protect custody product to our platform to provide additional features and enable further expansion of our offering.

With the complementary and aggregated features of the Custodigit-Metaco, Securosys and Taurus solutions, Sygnum has the capability to offer the widest range of choice for its clients – now and in the future.

These include custody, transfers, trading, tokenization, as well as delivering yield for investors through staking. This gives us the flexibility to offer our clients access to important new investment opportunities as they emerge in the market.

Flexibility for B2B partners to customise their digital asset offering in phases and with complete peace of mind

Sygnum’s full suite of regulated digital asset banking services are also available to other banks and financial institutions, who can leverage our expertise and the technology that we have developed to offer these services to their own clients. Storage of digital assets in segregated wallets means that partners have no need to account for them on their balance sheets, and our proprietary digital asset AML framework and tool ensures all digital assets transferred in and out of the Sygnum ecosystem are regulatorily compliant.

Specifically, Sygnum’s multi-custody platform approach offers them the capability and flexibility to construct a customised portfolio of digital assets services, benefitting from Sygnum’s investments in aggregating the capabilities of leading custody technology providers.

Our open banking API management layer enables seamless integration between Sygnum and the existing banking infrastructure of its B2B partners.

This integration is fully scalable, and partners can start with a narrower scope of services and expand according to their needs over time. Partnering with a digital asset specialist like Sygnum enables them to offer institutional-grade digital assets products and services wanted by their clients quickly, at competitive cost and with full regulatory compliance.

With more than one year of operating experience as the world’s first digital asset bank, we have learned that putting in place the right technology infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg, with the integration of digital assets into banking operations end-to-end a much broader ambition. Sygnum’s “all-in-one account” B2B approach supports banks on this journey and provides regulatory peace of mind.

To find out more about Sygnum’s B2B banking services, visit, or contact us at [email protected] or on +41 58 508 2100 (Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 17:00 CET).

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