Conclusion of Project Ubin paves way for real-world implementation

Conclusion of Project Ubin paves way for real-world implementation

Project Ubin: A public-private initiative to explore the use of DLT for clearing and settlement of payments and securities

At the end of 2016, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) launched Project Ubin – a collaborative project with the industry to explore the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for the clearing and settlement of payments and securities. This was a multi-year, multi-phase project, which brought together traditional financial institutions, FinTechs and DLT companies. Each phase explored DLT-driven improvements to various aspects of the clearing and settlement process, with phase 1 and 2 focused on the building of technology capabilities, phase 3 and 4 on network interoperability and finally, phase 5 on the viability of use cases and validation of commercial value across the ecosystem.

Conclusion of phase 5, move towards implementation

The fifth and final phase of Project Ubin has been successfully concluded, and this marks the end of MAS’ technology experimentation and a shift towards implementation of live commercial solutions to solve real-world challenges. This phase saw the successful development of a “Ubin V” multi-currency payments network prototype and the submission of sixteen use-cases from industry participants, spanning the areas of capital markets, trade and supply chain finance, insurance, and non-financial services. Findings have been published in a report “Project Ubin Phase 5: Enabling Broad Ecosystem Opportunities” which was jointly released by MAS and Temasek.

Sygnum – tackling cross-border settlement for digital securities

As part of Ubin V, Sygnum’s MAS-licensed Singapore entity contributed a case study to optimize cross-border settlements of digital security transactions and corporate actions (page 34 of report), leveraging the Ubin V network and Sygnum’s DLT infrastructure, including Sygnum´s Digital CHF (DCHF). This builds on the tokenization value chain which we are currently building – a holistic and seamless solution that realises the potential benefits of DLT-based financial infrastructure across the entire life cycle of a security. Part of this is the facilitation of real-time transfers and immediate Delivery versus Payment (DvP) T+0 settlement using asset and settlement tokens. The Ubin V use case takes this one step further to enable this on a cross-border basis.

In March this year, Sygnum launched Digital CHF (DCHF) token, a fully collateralised settlement token pegged to the Swiss Franc. We are currently in the process of finalising our asset-agnostic DLT based tokenisation offering , which will complete the value chain and bring this vision to life.

Ecosystem approach critical to adoption of solutions

Project Ubin brought together the relevant players in the financial industry (and beyond), and its emphasis on interoperability underscores the importance that MAS places on an ecosystem approach. Sygnum is proud to have been a part of this initiative and we look forward to what comes next.

“We are incredibly excited to see the innovations in the clearing and settlements space that can now be brought to end users, and Sygnum is committed to collaborating with MAS and other partners in the Singapore ecosystem to support the broader adoption of DLT-based solutions.”

Gerald Goh, Sygnum Chief Strategy Officer


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