Sygnum Bank in CVVC's Top 50

Sygnum Bank in CVVC’s Top 50

From the start, the team at Sygnum was convinced that no single start-up, incumbent financial institution, association, or technology solution can unilaterally pave the way from mainstream awareness to mainstream adoption of DLT-powered financial services. We have always believed that shaping the development of a digital asset ecosystem with trusted partnerships, fuelled by relentless client focus, will accelerate industry and community growth, and enable impact.

We see this sentiment echoed in this year’s CV VC Top 50 report: “The history of Crypto Valley has many known and unknown heroes. No single event or person can create such a thriving ecosystem, amend regulatory frameworks, or promote a location to hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs worldwide. Instead, many actions by individuals, government agencies, and companies helped create a unique set of historical circumstances over time. Crypto Valley is not just a ‘place’ but, in fact, a mindset.

This mindset has resulted in Switzerland becoming one of the leading nations in digital asset adoption and innovation. Sygnum is incredibly honoured to be part of the Crypto Valley ecosystem, and to be listed in the CV VC Top 50 as one of Switzerland’s crypto banks, working alongside other companies that are building blockchain technologies or developing services for the digital asset economy. It is the active contribution and collaboration of all these companies, together with that of universities, venture capital funds, lawyers, and other entities, that is making the promise of Future Finance possible.

In 2021, “Sygnum Bank expanded its offering as the first bank to offer ETH2.0 staking, onboard new clients Bordier & Cie and VermögenZentrum for B2B Banking Services and launched DeFi asset management on its structured products and trading platform. Sygnum tokenized a Picasso and a CryptoPunk NFT on its tokenization platform, Desygnate. The company closed its Series B round in December 2021 which will enable it to expand its Web3 offering and geographic reach.”

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