"The benefits of blockchain technology in cross-border value transfer is already evident. I believe in the near future we will see more widespread use of this technology in trade finance, securities trading, fundraising and KYC, to name a few examples."
CHUA Kim Leng
Director, Former Member of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Executive Committee


Sygnum is a technology-driven company that aims to empower financial services for the digital asset economy by providing clients and partners with an integrated solution to securely issue, store, trade and manage digital assets.

"Sygnum is the challenge to develop a modern banking platform integrating blockchain (DLT) technology to design a new form of digital assets as Tokens and to allow a secure and compliant storage of client's Tokens." – Luka Müller, Chairman, Co-Founder and Partner, MME


Sygnum develops an integrated solution for its clients and partners to securely issue, store, trade and manage digital assets – our long-term mission is to inspire and empower everyone, everywhere to create and have direct access to ownership and value.

"Sygnum really stands out with their vision to build the underlying infrastructure for the token economy. Given the team's experience in finance, traditional technologies and DLT, I believe they are the best people to realize the mission." – Loi Luu, Advisor, Co-Founder and CEO, Kyber Network


We have been granted a glimpse of the massive potential of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with the advent of and substantial rise in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The strong enthusiasm (as well as skepticism) witnessed around Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) worldwide is an acknowledgement of the feasibility and market demand for the emergent asset class of digital assets. 

Further, we believe that we are only at the beginning of this transformation process, and that DLT will be increasingly utilized by the financial markets for a wide-range of applications, including the tokenization of financial assets, physical assets, and over time everything of value.

Sygnum strives to make this vision of a global Token economy a reality. We do this by building bridges between the ambitious and still largely unregulated digital asset ecosystem of today, and the safe and regulated world of traditional finance. Weaving together these two realities will help to accelerate institutional adoption of digital assets and through this effort help to improve efficiency, equitable participation, and inclusiveness in the financial industry.

"I believe Sygnum will bring its clients access to the revolutionary benefits of distributed ledger technology in a trusted, legal and regulated environment. The founders setting up in Switzerland and Singapore is a commitment to that vision." – Patrick McGoldrick, Advisor, Executive Director, RNT Associates International


Sygnum was founded by an experienced and interdisciplinary team of professionals with relevant expertise, backed by a distinguished group of individuals and institutions.

Our core team has expertise in the financial industry in both Switzerland and Singapore, including backgrounds in banking, asset management, legal and compliance, venture capital and private equity, as well as distributed ledger technology and entrepreneurship.

Our board of directors' professional knowledge and experience encompasses all of Sygnum's strategically relevant fields and ensures strong corporate governance, in-line with the best practices of the financial services industry. 

Our advisors have shaped industries and regulations both in Switzerland and in Singapore. Each of our advisors is contributing in a significant manner to the success of Sygnum, for example in terms of serving as a sounding board to the team.

Together with our partners, we build a digital assets ecosystem addressing key pain points associated with the integration of the digital ledger technology into the financial industry.

We all have a clear and common vision of how DLT will impact and change the financial industry in the coming years.

"Sygnum uniquely marries "democratized" financial services with compliance based on distributed ledger technology. Co-creating from two leading financial services centers, Switzerland and Singapore, and partnering in both with the two largest telecom companies is consistent with the logic of the underlying "distributed" technology. Moreover, Sygnum means a team of founders, leaders and partners aiming at a tokenized paradigm shift for targeted clients. I'm thrilled to be part of this team." – Gabriela Maria Payer, Director, Founder, PAYERPARTNER


We are convinced that no single start-up, incumbent financial institution, association or technology company can unilaterally pave the way from mainstream awareness to mainstream adoption of DLT-powered financial services. We believe that establishing relevant strategic partnerships at an early-stage and working collaboratively to develop a strong digital asset ecosystem will yield the best outcomes for all stakeholders in the long-term.

Together with our current partners Swisscom and daura as well as our corporate VC investor Singtel Innov8, Sygnum aims to build a digital asset ecosystem addressing the key pain points of the industry: Secure access and storage of digital assets; safe and seamless issuance and efficient settlement of digital assets; a methodical and practical approach to integrate digital assets into today's regulatory frameworks, particularly addressing compliance challenges such as those related to money laundering.


We are currently located in Zurich, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Switzerland and Singapore are among the world's most reputable financial centers, well-equipped with world-class infrastructure, stable and business-friendly governments, easy access to highly educated work forces, and extremely knowledgeable regulatory bodies – including regarding blockchain technology. Also, their forward-looking governmental bodies are anticipating global business trends and have begun to shape its policies to adapt to them.

And as digital assets are global in nature, the partnership between Asia and Europe, Singapore and Zurich, needs to become stronger. Our company reflects the direction in which the world is developing – in its locations, team structure and the composition of our investors, advisors and ultimately also our offering. 

"With its dual domicile strategy Sygnum leverages both complementarities and similarities of these two outstanding financial centers: centrally located in two of the World's most attractive economic geographies Switzerland and Singapore share political stability with strong rule of law, high levels of ambition and productivity as well as a longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation." – Dr. Peter Wuffli, Advisor, Founder and Chairman, elea Foundation


Potential clients include qualified/accredited as well as institutional investors, such as asset managers, family offices and financial institutions, mostly banks. Additionally, corporates and small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and blockchain ventures.


We embrace and integrate the new world of blockchain technology and digital assets with the best practices and highest standards of traditional financial services. This enables us to develop a digital assets ecosystem that will set a new standard in the blockchain and financial services world and addresses a lot of key challenges in the two areas.

"Blockchain / DLT Technology allows the creation of new forms of digital information, which has the same access and transfer functionality as a property right: the Token. The Token allows an efficient interaction between ecosystem participants which reduces transaction costs and balance sheet exposures." – Dr. Luka Müller, Chairman, Co-Founder and Partner, MME


We understand the transformative power and usefulness of the distributed ledger technology. But decentralization is not the panacea for all that ails humanity. 2017 has shown us that there is a lot of value in retaining a firm hold on our heritage. Rules and regulations have been put in place for a reason – in most cases to protect the investor. DLT is an engine of trust and provides its users with a large degree of control. Because of this, certain rules may become redundant. But not all of them. We are in a period of consolidation and must act with responsibility to bring the full potential of the DLT to bear. In summary, we at Sygnum challenge the status quo and build for the future, and at the same time appreciate and hold in regard the heritage and purpose of the economic and financial system and existing regulatory frameworks.

"I'm proud to be member of an institution that shapes a digital ecosystem to process digital assets in a fully regulated, trusted environment." – Johannes Höhener, Director, Head of FinTech, Swisscom